Effective Solutions

The results are robust solutions, quickly deployed.

More – Maximum Reliability

We supply solutions that are far easier to deploy than a simple “Smart Camera” even when they encompass systems of arbitrary speed and complexity that may coordinate literally dozens of high speed asynchronous cameras together with multiple computers and machine controls.

Cameras that energize their own lights perfectly synchronized with each exposure.

Compact rugged system coordinators that operate 10,000 times faster than PLCs and real time operating systems to meet the unique timing demands of machine vision systems, but which can also communicate fluently with all major control systems in their native languages at their maximum speeds.

  • Graphic tools for defining and viewing the data and control paths throughout the entire system
  • Eliminate 75% to 90% of the wires needed to power, trigger, strobe, and transfer image and control data
  • Dedicated natural language to describe all aspects of system behavior, with a compiler and optimized hardware to implement coordination and control with 1µS maximum system-wide latency